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Course on Modern Fish Culture

A Dutch designed course Modern Fish Culture exists of three components:

1. Theoretical background. This is offered in a Fish Wiki guarded by specialists since theory and new insights continuously change and written texts has to be adjusted in correspondence. Adequate vocational education is characterized by both theory and practical instructions; one can consult theory via a secure wiki called: 'Fish Wiki' at this address:

2. Knowledge of recent developments in international fish culture and their markets. These have been described in Dutch written 'AQUAculuur'. Most appropriate articles for studying the developments in fish culture have been summarized in a list enclosed hereby.


3. Practical Instructions (in Dutch, Enlish and Indonesian). These instructions are based on 'final terms' appointed by the Dutch Agricultural Ministry. It may be assumed that these practical instructions will nog change considerably during the next years. Practical instructions (in three languages) are offered below:

pdf Praktijkopdrachten bij de cursussen: ´Commerciële visteelt´ en ´Verzorgen vissen´
pdf Practical Instructions in the courses: ´Commercial Fish Culture´ and ´Attending to Fish´
pdf Pentunjuk Praktek Pada Kursus-Kursus Pemeliharaan Ikan Komersial Dan Ikan Peliharaan








AOC De Groene Welle (Zwolle)

Fish Techknowledge is supported by AOC De Groene Welle, Zwolle for vocational education in setting up vocational education for future fish farmers in Indonesia.





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