Historical impressions

Fish Techknowledge has been involved with fish farming techknowlogy for more than 20 years. Here are some impressions. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.


Wellantcollege (Houten)

At Wellantcollege techniques have been developed to integrate fish culture with plant production. The amount of minerals from fish water can be estimated and supplied to integrated plant production, whereas  minerals of shortage are added.  About 60 % of minerals needed by plants could be supplied via fish water and taste of fruits were excellent.


Breeding chamber for the artificial breeding of carp and catfish. In is necessary to take utmost hygiene in view of possible infection of bacteria like Flexibacter and Aeromonas which may be lethal.


Algae can be produced for the culture of Artemia, a salt water shrimp suitable for feeding fish larvae.



Plant specialist Berend Wessels at work with integrated (fish and tomatoes) system.


Paprika farm in Perompong (Java, Indonesia)

View on the paprika farm


Paprikafarm in Perompong, Java, Indonesia


Koi farming

Fish Techknowledge cooperated with Aqua Vita, breeding farm at Driel (Netherlands)


Inside view at a Koi farm


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